NFLUKFans Super Bowl 48 Preview Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

A Gap In Experience: Peyton Manning has seen it before but Russell Wilson is no stranger to pressure

NFLUKFans new video highlighting the key matchups in Super Bowl XLVIII. The AFC 1st Seed and top ranked offense Denver Broncos take on the NFC 1st Seed and top ranked defense Seattle Seahawks, who will triumph?

Playoff Picture: Super Bowl XLVIII

Graphic by NFLUKFans

Top seed against top seed.

Best defense against best offense.

Future Hall of Famers on both sides.

What are the key factors to look for in Super Bowl 48?

2014 NFC Championship Promo San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks

The NFC Championship game proves to be a physical affair.

Playoff Preview of the NFC Championship game where the San Francisco 49ers travel to Seattle to meet the Seahawks. This fierce rivalry will take centre stage as these two physical teams try to make the Super Bowl. NFLUKFans has a look at how these two teams will fare come Sunday:

Playoff Preview: 2014 AFC Championship Preview New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have met many times before, who will triumph this time?

Playoff preview of the AFC Championship Game. Two teams led by two Hall of Fame quarterbacks who have had quite a history. NFLUKFans recaps the history between these two teams as well as these two players.

Playoff Picture: Denver Broncos

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The Denver Broncos secured the first seed in the AFC with a record setting offense. No team in history scored as many points as the 2013 Denver Broncos. It will all count for naught if they aren't successful in the playoffs:

Playoff Picture: Carolina Panthers

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The Panthers have achieved a breakout year, improving from 7-9 to 12-4 and securing the 2nd seed in the NFC. Now head coach "Riverboat" Ron Rivera and quarterback Cam Newton are in virgin territory as they look to build on their surprise season: 

Playoff Picture: New England Patriots

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Conventional wisdom had the Patriots struggling this year but the most successful team of this century just keep sticking around. Having embraced a never say die attitude the Patriots have hung around in games and pulled off some massive comebacks. With the second seed in the AFC anything is possible for these Patriots:

Playoff Picture: Seattle Seahawks

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The Seahawks have secured the top spot in the NFC and therefore secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs. After a surprise playoff run last year they could build on this success. Watch for their fans, nicknamed The 12th Man, to really get behind their team throughout the post season:

Playoff Picture: Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers infographic by NFLUKFans

The Pack are back and so is quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are a different ball club with Rodgers around and their regular season record doesn't truly reveal how dangerous they can be:

Playoff Picture: San Francisco 49ers

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This 49ers team proved last year they can win and win in the playoffs, without the luxury of home field however they could be in for a bumpier ride this year: